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Medical Research


Fighting Stigmatization in Medicine with Art

The UK charity Sightsavers works with people that have Neglected tropical disease (NTD). The conditions in question impact the lives of more than a billion people around the world. Besides prevention, there is also an urgent need to develop effective treatment plans for people living with the diseases. A research team from Sightsavers, working in Nigeria, combines medical research and

A Questionnaire May Help Determine if Preeclampsia Can Develop

Scientists from Australia develop a new method for determining if women are prone to Preeclampsia. This medical condition is potentially dangerous for both the fetus and the mother if left without treatment. The research team working on this task develop an easy and inexpensive method for testing. About the Research Researchers working on the new Preeclampsia testing technique come from
Laser Technology

Laser Technology Said to Improve Pre-transfusion Blood Testing

A new technique for incubating blood with laser technology is on the way. This new technique is said to slash the incubation time to only 40 seconds. The industrial standard is still 5 minutes. However, this might change with the introduction of this new laser technology. This innovation is important because it can help make blood testing faster and easier.