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ConductScience Leadership

Core Value

Getting Science Right is my Passion

Science has a problem. There are many suppliers and many scientists. Finding the right supply at the right price is hard, and if you’re a life science company, you want to be able to get your customers the best product. We are creating a better vision for scientists to conduct science and make new discoveries.

I am in the world myself as a physician-scientist. Everything I’ve learned has been through lessons from patients, and close scientist colleagues I consider my lifelong friends. I have had the privilege to learn from some of the smartest, most intelligent scientists in the world and earned the right to help them in their work. It’s my passion to get science tools right.

Shuhan He, MD

Cambridge, MA 02139

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Located between two of the most prominent universities in the world, Harvard University and Massachussetts Institute of Technology, our startup has access to some of the most talented biotechnology, life sciences, and medical/health professionals in the world.


We have been incubated as a team in the Venture Incubation program at the Harvard Innovation lab. Our access to the best and brightest minds in biotechnology gives our customers the best possible tools to Conduct Science.