ConductScience Scholarship

This could be YOU

Starts: March 1st, 2021

Due: October 1st, 2022

As a Scholarship winner, your essay will appear here for the world to see. We want to ensure that your ideas about how academia, peer review, and the scientific process can be made more efficient and effective. Science can change the world and help our loved ones. You inspire us. Let us use your words to inspire others as well.


Requirements: Be enrolled in an undergraduate and graduate studies curriculum.

Scientific Publishing

How can the process of peer review and scientific publishing be improved?

Scientific Life

The scientific lifestyle requires a significant amount of sacrifice. How could your life be improved as a scientist or prospective scientist?


Universities and academia seek truth, but often times leave much to be desired. How can Academia be improved?

ConductScience Digital Health is offering a unique opportunity through its International COVID-19 Scholarship this season. The program is awarded to applicants from all around the globe.

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