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Pioneer of Genomics: An Interview with Dr. George Church

Enlightening interview with Dr. George Church, a trailblazing figure in genetics and synthetic biology. Discover his motivations, career insights, and groundbreaking projects. Gain wisdom on succeeding in science, fostering creativity, and mentoring the next generation of researchers. Explore the role of AI in genetics, and envision the future of scientific innovation. Don’t miss this engaging conversation with a visionary scientist.

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An Interview with Steven Pinker: Unraveling the Greatest Mysteries of the Mind

In this new Stories Interview, Dr. Robert S. Langer, discusses his groundbreaking work in drug delivery and biotechnology. He shares his insights on the future of personalized medicine and the challenges in developing and commercializing new therapies. Dr. Langer also talks about his inspirations and career highlights, as well as his advice for young scientists.

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