CSP – Proteins

00:00 – Intro

11:00 – Dream Tangent

14:45 – News

20:45 – Facts

24:20 – Proteins

32:30 – Types of amino acids

37:15 – Protein function


47:10 – Protein folding

55:22 – Prion diseases

1:05:45 – Ending and outro

Episode Description

This week on The Conduct Science Podcast, join Mitch and Tom as they dive into the body to explore proteins! Just as you might imagine though they get lost on the way talking about dreams, chocolate, and other things just to spice things up. While on topic though the boys explore what protein is and why we should eat it and what cellular proteins are inside the body! Mitch breaks down the different types of amino acids and their functions within proteins and the body while tom breaks down protein function and folding… which is wild. Mitch takes us on the GAIN TRAIN telling us exactly what happens when you lift weights and finally the boys end the show talking about the interesting but very scary: Prion diseases. Music: MOKKA Music on YouTube

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