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Bodytrace is a wireless scale that can be used in the outpatient setting for real-time tracking of weight and BMI. Using the ConductScience Digital Health platform, you can connect Bodytrace to various other modalities to obtain both subjective and objective data about your patients. Its strength relies on its technology of cellular data transmission, removing requirements for wifi or Bluetooth. It is ideal for implementation in the third-world setting.

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An emerging frontrunner inaccurate and real-time weight tracking, the BodyTrace is a scale that is built with the ability to collect and send data via a cellular modality to the ConductScience Digital Health platform. The BodyTrace scale itself is a new and reliable health and wellness partner as it aims to help doctors and other healthcare professionals in monitoring the weight of their patients in an outpatient setting.

While the accurate weighing scale is a powerful tool, the real-time tracking system is another desirable advantage of BodyTrace. The smart application program interface of the BodyTrace lets you collect weight data in real-time. The software is also programmed such that it knows where to send the data, be it through email or an existing database. In addition, the BodyTrace comes with an integrated monitoring system that is a valuable tool as it keeps track of weight goals, body mass index (BMI), food diary, and guidelines for nutrition. Data could be collected from as many as 50,000 users. These features make the BodyTrace scale a reliable instrument for doctors and other health professionals who aim to monitor the weight of their patients in the outpatient setting. BodyTrace is also a good tool for community researchers and epidemiologists who want to study the demographic of a population in terms of weight or BMI.

Professional weight trainers and fitness gurus would also benefit from the modern technology of the BodyTrace, as they would be able to monitor the progress of their clients instantly. Even individuals who set weight goals would benefit from the reliability of the BodyTrace, as they could easily track their weight changes through time and assess whether their strategy is working or not. The easy-to-use, accurate, simple, and reliable system of the BodyTrace is meant for everyone, from medical applications to individuals who set their own weight goals.

The BodyTrace is simple and easy to use, as it will not distract you with issues of configurations and technical problems. No user configuration is required for you to use and navigate the features of the scale. Data is real-time and can be accessed immediately. Users are assured of data and privacy protection with the robust system of BodyTrace. As for the scope, BodyTrace scales have access to almost all cellular networks around the world.

With its accurate and real-time weight tracking and data collection, BodyTrace is here to become your newest health and wellness partner. Monitor your patients, achieve success in your study, assist your clients, and effectively manage your own weight with BodyTrace.

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