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We have been incubated as a team in the Build itVenture Incubation program at the Harvard Innovation lab. Our access to the best and brightest minds in biotechnology gives our customers the best possible tools to Conduct Science.


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Recognizing Those Who Helped Us Thrive

Our Doctorlingo.com application has been supported by a Spark Grant to make the medical language more accessible to all. Established to support initiatives in advancing unique and timely ideas for ventures with the power to spark meaningful change, Spark Grants are awarded by the Harvard Innovation Labs. Spark Grants are intended to help students achieve key milestones in the venture development process and build a strong foundation for continued growth. Doctorlingo is an open-source web application that provides a centralized location for housing defined medical jargon – this database of terminology, written by a crowdsourced group of healthcare professionals, can then be translated across languages and implemented into currently existing technologies.