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Zantiks Solutions come in three different sizes to suit your animal model and experiment.

Automate your behavioral studies seamlessly and efficiently with Zantiks behavior tracking apparatus, hardware, and software included in one package. Zantiks units provide an isolated, consistent environment to conduct studies and are equipped with visual and physical stimuli to be delivered to appropriate cages, tanks, or inserts. Larger units are able to deliver solids and liquids for reward or as stimuli or electric shock. Zantiks apparatus can be controlled from any network-connected device such as desktop, laptop, tablet, even mobile. Results from video tracking software are processed in real-time; data is available immediately for analysis.

Zantiks Behaviour Tracking Models

Zantiks MWP

Designed for use with larval and embryonic Zebrafish, Daphnia, adult, and larval Drosophila, Artemia, C. Elegans, and Xenopus tadpoles

Zantiks AD

Designed for use with mice, adult Zebrafish, and large insects such as bees.

Zantiks LT

Designed for the use with Rats, Mice, adult Zebrafish, Birds, and Xenopus.

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