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  • Broome Rodent Restrainers

    Broome Rodent Restrainer is one of the most convenient types of restrainer for ease of use as it allows for both hands to be used when injecting the test subject’s caudal vein. Our Broome restrainer is made up of the finest quality acrylic and comes in a variety of sizes. Choosing the right size of the restraint is vital; if the restraint is too large the animal can easily turn around, and if the restraint is too small the animal might not be able to breathe properly.

    A broome rodent restrainer is a cylindrical device that is closed on one end. An open groove extends from the opening to the center of the endplate for the adjustment of the nosepiece. On the adjacent side of the open groove, a slit that runs the entire length of the tube aids to get access to the rodent’s tail.

    ConductScience offers Broome Rodent Restrainers.

  • Flat Bottom Restrainer

    Flat Bottom Restrainers are manufactured from perspex cylinders mounted on a flat black perspex base. The restrainers give access through both extremes, by opening the respective tilting door that is fixed by a screw at the upper part of the restrainer. Rodents can be immobilized by sliding the doors along the restrainer. A slot in the base of the door allows for the whole tail to be available for the pulse transducer and cuff installation, the i.v. drug administration or blood extraction.

    The easy operation of the doors and its disposition on the extremes of the restrainer make the manipulation of the animal convenient and avoids the animal to be dragged backwards, protecting it from injuries.

    ConductScience offers Flat Bottom Restrainers.

Broome Rodent Restrainers
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