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  • Series Polarizing Microscope with Halogen Lamp

    The Series Polarizing Microscope with Halogen Lamp uses reflected and transmitted light to observe birefringent materials such as rocks and polymers. The halogen lamp is used as a light source, and a pair of polarizing filters produce polarized light.

    The microscope is equipped with an eyepiece, eyepiece tube, blue and frosted filters, polarizer, and collector. It supports both binocular and trinocular heads that can be inclined at 30°. It comes with 4 achromatic objective lenses with different magnifications. In addition, it has a quadruple nosepiece sliding polarizing analyzer, 120 mm rotatable, and double layer mechanical stage with 75mm×35mm moving range which helps not only in moving the stage in a vertical direction but also along the horizontal axes. The coaxial coarse and fine focus system includes a minimum division of fine focusing up to 2 microns. An Abbe condenser is used to focus the light onto the specimen. Furthermore, a 6V 20W halogen lamp and a polarizer are used to illuminate the sample.

    ConductScience offers the Polarizing Microscope with Halogen Lamp.

Series Polarizing Microscope with Halogen Lamp
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