Tail Injection

Tail Injection

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Light Arc for Tail Injections

Tail Injection

Injection Cone

Tail Injection

Injection Cone with Light

Tail Injection


We offer unique injection cones and light arcs for tail injections for rodents which are manufactured by our professional team with high-quality materials, which guarantees a product with great durability.

They are an extremely useful tool for large quantity samplings and their unique design allows an efficient positioning of tailed rodent for maximum results.

Our injection cones are an essential tool for any researcher that aims for efficiency and high speed in tail vein injections.

The completely transparent design of our injection cones provides a complete vision of the animal, and its four suction cup feet secure the unit firmly to the countertop.

The rodent is held secure in the clear plastic cone and the researcher can realize the procedure with maximum efficiency, limiting the chances of stressing the animal.

We offer our injection cones for mouse and rat and we have a unit that posses a bright light illumination system for optimal results.

Light arc for tail vein injection is a novel technique that is used to administer drug substances to black strains of rodents. The black strains of rodents have a darker tail which makes it difficult to spot the caudal vein due to color contrast. This illumination problem is solved by Conductscience’s Light Arc which distributes a uniform light over an angle of 180° around the subject’s tail.

Our apparatus consists of a light arc that stands on a flat base connected to the power source. A Broome style handler is placed in the center for restraining the subject. The arc is equipped with 10 RGB LED, approx. one every 2cm. The color contrast is regulated by the intensity of the primary colors; it can be adjusted with red, green, and blue knobs for the optimal contrast of the veins.

The standard procedure for intravenous injections in subjects utilizing Conductscience’s Light Arc is as follows:


Advancements in biomedical and pharmacological research necessitate the use of intravenous or I.V. injections, the primary choice for parenteral administration of particular drugs or substances for experimental analysis and examination. I.V. injections are highly advantageous methods because they ensure quick and complete bioavailability of the drug candidate in blood circulation (Messer, 2015). In rodents, intravenous injections are usually done through the lateral tail veins. Vein visibility, however, is a crucial factor in successful I.V. procedures and is often a concern particularly for black rodent strains. The illumination devices have become essential in effectively discerning target veins in the rodent tail.

The light arc (Messer, 2015) is a novel device that aids in drug administration procedures through intravenous injections among black strains of rodents. The black strains of rodents have darker tails, making it difficult in spotting the caudal vein due to poor color contrast. The light arc succeeds in addressing this issue through a uniform 180-degree illumination design around the rodent’s tail, perched atop a flat base connected to a power source and equipped with a Broome style handler horizontally-positioned at the center of the structure. The illumination in laboratory rooms or the use of an ordinary desk lamp proves inadequate in discerning the rodent’s lateral veins as these lighting setups cause confusing reflections on the rodent’s tail.