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The Method Section: Saving our Oceans

The Method Section: Saving Our Oceans 00:00 – Intro 01:44 – Can we save our oceans? 04:29 – Impactful interventions 09:44 – Roadmap to recovery 14:13 – Ending and outro You can listen to The Method Section by using the player above, searching for “The Conduct Science Podcast” on any place you listen to your podcasts, using any of the


Under the Microscope with Francesca Trotman

Marine conservation is one of the hottest topics on the planet. From plastic pollution to mass coral bleaching events, scientists all over the world are doing their bit to try and combat this global crisis. Francesca Trotman and her team at Love the Oceans are trying to do just this in Guinjata Bay, Sout East Mozambique. Thier aim is to