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May 5, 2021

Elderly woman painting hearts on street wall - Featured image

Heart Health Misdiagnosis for Women Because of Prejudice

The organism often gives signals that can indicate the onset of heart health problems. However, new research shows that cultural preconceptions about gender play a role in whether those signals are correctly interpreted. Symptoms that would gain a complete set of tests in a male patient are ignored when a woman is concerned. The fact that gender prejudice plays a

CSP: Dreams

The Conduct Science Podcast: Dreams 00:00 – Introduction 05:25 – News 10:00 – Facts 19:50 – What are dreams 25:00 – Why do we dream 41:27 – Daydreaming 1:02:15 – Ending and Outro You can listen to The Conduct Science Podcast by using the player above, searching for “The Conduct Science Podcast” on any place you listen to your podcasts,