Incubator Biobase 160L

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    • Five Fluorescence Channel Flow Cytometry Device

      Flow cytometry is a system for rapidly analyzing and differentiating cells or particles as they move in a liquid stream through single or multiple lasers. The laser beam strikes the particles and measures their optical and fluorescent characteristics through light-scattering and fluorescence emission. Light scattering is measured through Forward Scatter (FSC) which indicates the size of the cells, and Side Scatter (SSC) which indicates the cell’s granularity. On the other hand, fluorescent characteristics are measured depending on whether the molecules carry antibodies, dyes, or fluorescent proteins.

    • Small Animal MRI System

      The Small Animal MRI System for rodents is a compact and versatile imaging system designed for research and pre-clinical studies in small rodents such as mice and rats. The Small MRI system is capable of producing high-resolution, detailed images of the internal anatomy of small animals, providing researchers with critical information about the anatomy and function of organs and tissues.

      The system features a small bore size, making it ideal for rodent imaging and minimally invasive procedures. The strong magnetic field and advanced gradient technology provide excellent image quality and high sensitivity, allowing researchers to visualize small structures and details with clarity.

      This MRI system is equipped with advanced software and hardware, including real-time imaging capabilities and automated image processing tools, making it easy for researchers to obtain and analyze data quickly and accurately. The system is also customizable, allowing users to configure the hardware and software to meet their specific imaging needs.

      Our Small Animal MRI System is a permanent magnet system that provides high-contrast images and has an intuitive user interface.

      ConductScience offers the Small Animal MRI System

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