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Lab Basics

Microtube Homogenizer

Introduction Homogenization is a sophisticated method of achieving substance uniformity by altering and reducing particle sizes. Homogenization methods often include different processes, such as mixing, high-pressure processing, disrupting, emulsifying, dispersing, and stirring of samples (Dhankhar, 2014). Interestingly, the concept of homogenization dates back to 1899 when Auguste Gaulin acquired a patent on his homogenizing machine utilized to treat milk. Note

Monoculars: A Buyer’s Guide

As an Amazon Associate Conductscience Inc earns revenue from qualifying purchases Monoculars: Introduction Monoculars are versatile telescopic devices that provide enlarged images of distant objects. While some people describe a monocular as half of a binocular, the truth is that monoculars have numerous advantages compared to other optical tools. Monoculars are highly compact, lightweight, and portable. Moreover, professionals favor night

Multimeters: All You Need to Know

As an Amazon Associate Conductscience Inc earns revenue from qualifying purchases Multimeters: Introduction Multimeters or multitesters are versatile electrical tools utilized by engineers and electronic technicians to test and troubleshoot household wiring, batteries, electric motors, power supplies, HVAC systems, and other equipment. Note that multimeters act as ammeters, voltmeters, and ohmmeters with high resolution of milliunits; therefore, they are also

Opportunities & Challenges for Data Scientists

Data science is the backbone of pattern discovery, predictive analysis, and datification – all three of which are essential for the sustenance of life in general. So much so that the field has become trendy in itself, given the sophistication of its skills set to convert the data-based scientific reading into actionable insights or the lucrative nature of its practice.
20-Power Meters

Electrical Power Meters and Energy Management

As an Amazon Associate Conductscience Inc earns revenue from qualifying purchases Electrical Power Meters: Introduction Energy consumption data is invaluable in energy management and conservation. Therefore, electrical power meters are considered essential tools in households, offices, and industrial settings. Note that such energy usage monitors measure the electrical power of single devices or entire buildings and can be used to

Programming Languages for Beginners

With the increasing popularity of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is only natural for you to develop more and more interest in learning data science. To embark on your data science journey, it is only sensible, to begin with, computer programming languages. This exciting field of science requires a combination of quantitative skills, advanced statistical abilities, and real-world programming

Python Extensions for Dealing with Data

Data science has undisputedly become the most exciting field of science. It creates a systematic balance among quantitative skills, advanced statistics, and real-world programming aptitude to execute its essence. Although data science is a multidisciplinary field, computer science expertise - blended with mathematics, statistics, analytics, and business intelligence – remains the icing to this day. Computation skills are especially pertinent

Python Programming Made Easy

Language is the foundation of everything, no matter how fascinating or basic the undertaking is. Everything in this world is driven by a language. Similarly, at the base of technological advancement that we all have been witnessed to, lies a set of different programming languages. But what is a programming language? To put it simply, programming language is the compilation

Sonicators: A Complete Guide

As an Amazon Associate Conductscience Inc earns revenue from qualifying purchases Sonicators: Introduction Sonicators are high-frequency tools (20 kHz) that use ultrasonic energy to agitate particles in liquids. These devices are employed to facilitate a wide variety of processes, such as mixing, cleaning, degassing, cell disruption, and sample preparation. Note that when sound travels through air, solids, and liquids in
26-Spotting Scopes

Spotting Scopes: A Complete Guide

As an Amazon Associate Conductscience Inc earns revenue from qualifying purchases Spotting Scopes: Introduction Spotting scopes are popular optical units that provide enlarged images of distant objects, ideal for large distance viewing and different activities, such as hunting, birding, camping, surveillance, and stargazing. Spotting scopes can also be defined as portable telescopes that present erected images in order to facilitate