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Real World Evidence

Clinical Trial Performance Analytics Explained

Clinical Trial Performance Analytics: Data Is the Core of Research Big data is the core of medical research. Since clinical studies face strict protocols, unpredictable delays, and pressure for low costs, sponsors and contract research organizations (CRO) need robust data to succeed. Synthesized and abundant medical information can help researchers deal with the complexity and demands of today’s medical research.

Risk-based Monitoring Tools in Drug Development and Research

Risk-based Monitoring and Risk-based Monitoring Tools in Research Risk-based monitoring (RBM) tools are essential in drug development and digital health research. Due to the complexity of medical research (with strict regulatory practices, documentation requirements, and ethical considerations), clinical trial monitoring is needed to ensure protocol compliance, data quality, and participant safety. To help sponsors and researchers overcome possible challenges and

Ecological Momentary Assessments & Food Diaries

Dietary Intake, Ecological Momentary Assessment, and Food Diaries: We Are What We Eat Whether it’s a nutritious meat dish or a bowl of high-fat nuts, food intake is a key determinant for physical growth and cognitive development. The assimilation of nutrients plays a crucial role in human metabolism and the prevention of chronic illnesses. Given the prevalence of nutrition-related diseases,

Rating Scales: A Complete Guide

Rating Scales and Digital Health: Introduction With the increasing role of patient-reported outcome measures in today’s digital health industry, rating scales are among the most effective tools used to assess subjective experiences, such as pain, mood, appetite, and comfort with knowledge. Rating scales facilitate the collection of qualitative and quantitative data in research, which can be used to track the
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Real-world Data: Overview

Real-world data and Randomized Controlled Trials Randomized controlled trials (RCT) are the gold standard used by researchers to explore and market new drugs and interventions. Nevertheless, establishing efficacy or if the treatment works in ideal conditions is not enough (Dang & Vallish, 2016). With the increasing advancements in medicine and technology, patients, providers, and sponsors opt for robust information about
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Real-world Data in Parkinson’s Disease

Real-world Data in Parkinson’s Disease Explained Real-world evidence is essential in medical research. Real-world data has numerous benefits over randomized controlled trials, particularly in studying Parkinson’s disease. In fact, Parkinson’s is one of the most prevalent neurodegenerative diseases worldwide, with no current treatments being able to cure the disease. Only in the US, there are more than 630,000 people affected
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Real-world Data in Oncology

Real-world Data in Oncology: Introduction Although randomized trials are the gold standard in research, the need for real-world data is eminent. Real-world data is essential in oncology where discovery and competition are altering at a rapid pace. Since cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, novel therapies and pathways for the introduction of medicines should be assessed
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Real-world Data in Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery

The Need for Real-world Data in Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery Pharmaceutical drug products have the potential to eliminate diseases and increase life expectancy. New drugs must provide evidence of efficacy, effectiveness, and perceived value. At the same time, societies are struggling with the increasing costs and delays associated with drug discovery and marketing. Note that the average research and development cost