Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence – Timestamps

00:00 – Hello, welcome and introduction to Mitch

01:18 – Introduction to neuroscience

07:00 – EMDR therapy and mental disorders in modern society

18:59 – Modelling the brain with AI

22:20 – Central vs peripheral brain systems

26:10 – Autonomy in society and the workforce

33:50 – Cyborg rats

38:25 – Could we control humans?

41:56 – Learning in AI

49:38 – Cybernetics in humans

55:05 – What enhancements would we get?

59:49 – Goodbye and outro

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Episode Description

In this episode, we discuss the topic of neuroscience! We cover EMDR therapy used to treat PTSD, mental health in modern society, artificial intelligence, are robots taking our jobs? cyborg rats and cybernetic enhancements. In this episode, you will meet the co-host Mitch as we embark on this crazy adventure down the rabbit hole of neuroscience.

Music by: Joakim Karud .

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