CSP – Covid-19: Vaccines and Viruses

00:00 – Intro

01:42 – News

11:09 – What is COVID-19

23:45 – Vaccines

41:30 – The different COVID vaccines

51:09 – Updated stats

56:00 – What has a year of lockdown taught us?

1:03:30 – COVID myths

1:12:20 – Ending and outro

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Episode Description

This week on The Conduct Science Podcast, join Mitch and Tom as they look through a year of COVID-19! Tom breaks down what COVID-19 is in the first place and where it came from while Mitch takes a look at how all the different types of vaccines work! An in-depth look at all of the science and stats that we know about the novel coronavirus disease! Mitch gives us some updated stats and corrects some COVID myths while they both explore what a year of lockdowns has taught us individually and as a species! Music: WhiteBatAudio.com

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