CSP – The Dark Web

00:00 – Intro

08:00 – News

22:45 – Facts

24:45 – Phishing and Malware

31:55 – How to avoid cyberware

34:21 – Ransomeware

45:15 – The deep web and the dark web

1:07:00 – Outro

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Episode Description

Bring your torches as this week the boys explore The Dark Web! Continuing from last week’s talks of cyberwar the boys venture back into the dark of the internet to find out exactly what it is used for and how they do it. We have some really exciting interviews coming up so be sure to listen to our announcements at the beginning of our shows to make sure you do not miss them! Tom asks Mitch to explain to him what Phishing and Malware are so he can understand and then they talk about the best ways to protect yourself online (shock horror: not by buying overpriced software protection programs). Mitch takes a deep dive into Ransomware, something often hosted on the Dark Web and then he takes us into the unknown explaining what the Deep Web is and how it differs to the dark web. The surface internet (what we can access) counts for a small fraction of the entire internet… so what’s going on in the places we can’t normally access? Music: MOKKA on YouTube

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