Plastic surgery is a field of medicine that saw many advancements in the past few decades. People around the world look to plastic surgeons to help them fix their physical looks. As a result, there is continuous interest in this field of medicine, among researchers and investors.

The idea of using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in plastic surgery has been around for some time. However, recent celebrity endorsement turned it into one of the most popular treatments on the market. In light of growing interests, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) produced a report on the use of PRP.

PRP is a plastic surgery procedure that uses the patient’s platelets to enhance certain esthetic features. Platelets are blood cells that help in the clotting process. However, they also stimulate the growth of new skin tissue and blood vesicles. Research also shows that platelets release over 30 growth factors and other proteins.

About the Study

The study in question reports on the use of PRP since 2015. Furthermore, the study had three main objectives.

  1. To describe the preparation process of PRP
  2. To evaluate the scientific explanation behind the use of PRP in hair restoration and facial rejuvenation.
  3. Explore the literature that examines the use of PRP


The Results

The research endeavor found that there is a therapeutic advantage in the use of PRP for hair loss treatments and skin rejuvenation. Furthermore, the treatment can be combined with other plastic surgery techniques like laser skin treatment and fat grafting. The results of the inquiry also show the use of PRP has risen by 25% since 2015.

When the researchers looked at processing, preparation, and treatment with PRP they found different modalities in use. That is, there is no systematization in regards to how the PRP should be prepared for the treatment.

Besides the lack of systematization in the preparation and procedure of platelets for treatment, there are also no longitudinal studies. Extensive research on patient health and quality of life after the treatment is needed. Regardless, the current research suggests that the treatment produces positive results for skin rejuvenation, hair regrowth, wound healing, and fat graft take.


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Main Takeaways
  • Platelet-rich Plasma is becoming popular in plastic surgery.
  • The technique shows the best results for skin rejuvenation, hair regrowth, wound healing, and fat graft take.
  • Long-term research is required to completely validate the effectiveness of PRP.

The evolving role of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in plastic surgery

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