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New Research Suggests Plant-Based Diet Improves Metabolism

Can you imagine a diet that will improve your health and help you lose weight? Many contemporary dietary practices promise they can improve your quality of life. But one cannot know if they are truly helpful even if they are popular. However, researchers are hoping to close such gaps in nutrition with research that tests the effect of various dietary

Excess Consumption of Eggs May be Linked with Diabetes

How many eggs are good for you? Nutrition scientists have long been asking the question of what is the ideal measure for eating our favorite breakfast food. Although there is no conclusive answer, a new study from China reveals that eggs may increase our chance of diabetes. About the Study The University of Australia leads the international research team working

Menopause Symptoms May Lessen with a Vegetable and Fruit Rich Diet

New research reveals that a higher intake of certain fruits and vegetables may reduce symptoms associated with menopause. The research builds on previous studies that look at potential treatment alternatives to hormonal therapy. About the Study The new research about menopause symptoms and the potential for their alleviation is available through the journal Menopause. Also, this publication is the project