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Conduct Science Podcast: What is Time?

What is Time? – Timestamps 00:00 – Intro 00:48 – Factoids 05:08 – The history of time 08:23 – Defining time 13:12 – Do only humans perceive time? 18:33 – Your language affects how you perceive time 24:40 – Concepts of time 28:52 – Fixed points in time 32:44 – Time as a dimension 35:00 – Time dilation 41:04 –

albert einstein cover

ConductScience Podcast: Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence

Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence – Timestamps 00:00 – Hello, welcome and introduction to Mitch 01:18 – Introduction to neuroscience 07:00 – EMDR therapy and mental disorders in modern society 18:59 – Modelling the brain with AI 22:20 – Central vs peripheral brain systems 26:10 – Autonomy in society and the workforce 33:50 – Cyborg rats 38:25 – Could we control

Dr. Jeffrey Krichmar

Under the Microscope with Dr. Jeffrey Krichmar

For years scientists have struggled on how to find a way to model and study the brain, something that we so very much rely on but is also such a big mystery to us. One person who is making and has made significant advances in this field is Doctor Jeffrey Krichmar of the University of California Irvine. As in many