The ConductScience Podcast: The Meat Debate

00:00 – Intro

03:50 – News

17:42 – Factoids

20:16 – How lab meat is made

26:48 – Veganism and vegetarianism

39:29 – Does lab meat save the environment?

47:22 – But would you eat it?

56:56 – Meat analogue

1:03:30 – Carvery tangent

1:07:31 – Ending and outro

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Episode Description

This week on The Conduct Science Podcast, join Mitch and Tom as they talk about meat alternatives! Last week a new lab grown chicken meat went on sale for the first time ever! To start the show, the boys discuss the new COVID vaccine and other topical news before diving into this weeks topic. How is lab meat made and will it have a positive effect on our environment or will meat-eaters prefer meat from animals instead? They debate and tackle important ethical standpoints such as vegetarianism and veganism and how these people might face the new kind of meat since it’s exactly the same but no animal was killed to get it. Would you eat it? Let us know @conductscience, we’d love to hear from you!

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