The ConductScience Podcast: Water

00:00 – Intro

05:00 – News

09:00 – Factoids

15:21 – What is it?

18:00 – Why is it so unique?

26:24 – Is water wet?

35:35 – What is the ocean?

43:55 – How boats float

51:00 – Water in space

55:18 – Whales!

59:50 – Water tech

1:03:00 – Ending and outro

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Episode Description

This week on The Conduct Science Podcast join Mitch and Tom as they talk about water! What is it in the first place and why is this seemingly normal thing actually rather unique? Water has many strange properties but is it wet?! Mitch illuminates us on what makes the oceans and how boats are able to float, be careful because it can be strange to think about! Tom brings talks about whales and what humans might expect if we were forced to evolve in the marine environment! Rounding out the show we discover how nanotechnology could help to provide millions with clean water!

Music by: Joakim Karud –

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