The Top Data Science For Your Lab

ConductScience hires an exclusive network of the top Data Scientists

We pair them with project managers so your job gets done well

Data Visualization

Data Extraction

Data Mining

Machine Learning

Quantiative Analytics


Machine Learning Libraries

scikit-learn, SparkML, DL4J, Tensorflow, IPython

ETL and Data Pipelines

working with API & batch processing

Forecasting Models

Predictive analytics, forecasting, MTA, ROI

Deep Learning

Including libraries such as Keras, TensorFlow

Framework Flexibility

Multiple framework types to fit the project specifications

Interpersonal Communication

Our team focuses on communication so you get consistent, up to date results

Conduct Science puts your science in the fast lane to publication. Here are the frequently asked questions


How much does this cost?

Our range of prices is from $45-150 per hour depending on the complexity and skill level needed for your project.


How do you charge?

We send you a quote for a bundle of hours (i.e. 10 hours) that then are burned during the time worked. We bundle packages together so a purchase order can be made in grants.


How do I get initiated?

You will meet with a senior associate scientist to understand your work and needs in the lab. You will be assigned a project manager and data scientist. Our scientific associates will obtain feedback from you at week 1, 2, 3 and 4 to ensure work is going smoothly. You can change the staff at any time if you are not happy with the relationship that you have built with your assigned team.


How do you track progress?

You can see progress reports to an expected bundle to ensure the project stays on track. Email reports stating burn amount and project progress allow you to evaluate the project as you go so you get results.

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Deep Learning

  • Object recognition and localization, style transfer.
  • Image synthesis/translation using GANs and VAEs
  • Image visual similarity detection, transfer learning
  • Creating Language models
  • Training custom word/sentence embeddings
  • Semantic question answering over a large corpus
  • Speech to Text, Speech Language Identification, Speaker identification
  • Improving performance: Distributed network training (across CPUs/GPUs)
  • Advice on setup deep learning frameworks on cloud

Machine Learning

  • Neural Networks (CNN, RNN, ANN, DNN)
  • Wireless Sensor Network
  • Iris Recognition
  • Image Recognition & Processing
  • Prediction Models
  • Recommendation systems
  • Computer Vision
  • Image Classification
  • Object Detection
  • Disease Prediction
  • Emotion detection
  • Number Plate Detection
  • Video Surveillance
  • Blur Detection
  • Image impainting
  • SVM Classifier

Computer Vision

  • OpenCV
  • OCR
  • Keras
  • scikit-image
  • matplotlib
  • Image Processing & Classification
  • Image Recognition
  • Face Recognition
  • Facial Expression Recognition
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Car Number Plate Extraction
  • Object detection


  • Spicy
  • NLTK
  • CNN
  • Textblob
  • gensim for text analysis and processing
  • speech recognition
  • machine translation
  • text to speech conversion
  • speech to text conversion
  • language modelling
  • text mining
  • text classification & summarisation