Cheeseboard Maze


Cheeseboard Maze is a circular maze constructed from a grey painted acrylic circular board with drilled into it. The maze is elevated above the floor and positioned in a well-lit room.

The wells were spaced radially resulting in a similar shape to the radial arm maze with wells distributed throughout the table. A total of 32 wells were drilled forming a radial pattern. The rear side of the CB was not drilled with any wells and was used for habituation.

A plastic bottle cap could be fitted inside each well. Special caps equipped with a visual stimulus in the form of a flag were used in the non-spatial test of the experiment.


Diameter of circular board: 1.1mDiameter of circular board: 1.5m
Thickness of circular board: 3cmThickness of circular board: 4cm
Height of maze above the floor: 75cmHeight of maze above the floor:99.8cm
Position of wells: 20–45 cm from the centerPosition of wells: 26.6–60 cm from the center
Diameter of wells: 3.1cmDiameter of wells: 4.1cm
Depth of wells: 1.3cmDepth of wells: 1.7cm
Height of flagpole: 15cmHeight of flagpole: 20cm
Length of flag: 3cmLength of flag: 3.9cm
Width of flag: 3cmWidth of flag: 3.9cm

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