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Three elderly women holding hands - Menopause featured imageNews

Predictive Models for Determining Onset of Menopause

Predicting the onset of menopause can help women better prepare for this phase of life. Thankfully, researchers from the Jyväskylä University want to make this possible. Menopause Usually, menopause occurs naturally in women when their menstrual period ceases. That is, a woman's ovaries decrease the production of eggs for fertilization.…
April 21, 2021
Monkey resting on the floor - News article featured imageNews

Human-Monkey Embryos Spark an Ethical Debate

The recent news that researchers managed to grow human cells in monkey embryos divides the scientific community. Even though this experiment helps us understand cellular development better, some think that such inquiries are unnecessary. However, this is not the first time scientists made attempts to combine animal embryos with human…
April 16, 2021