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iHealth provides a wide variety of sensors for your patients. Using the CoonductScience Digital Health platform, you can connect iHealth to the various other modalities to obtain both subjective and objective data about your patients.
Cardiopulmonary Detection
Multiple Modalities


iHealth is a California-based company that manufactures wearable and non-wearable wireless devices to measure basic vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose level, and body weight. All devices are compatible with Apple and Android-based devices. Information on vital signs is stored in the cloud; thus it can be shared with anyone from anywhere. The company also provides enterprise solutions for easy and automated monitoring of vital signs in healthcare settings, without the need of going through the concern of setting up various devices.


The product range of the company can be divided into four categories. The first category of products consists of blood pressure and heart rate measuring instruments, which are powered by wireless technology. Further, these instruments have built-in capability to warn about irregular heartbeats.


The second category of devices brings the twist into the traditional glucometer, by adding Bluetooth to them. It enables instant and automatic logging of information. Further, the device can share the information with a third party or a health professional. It can be used to set reminders for medication. Long-term data logging can help to monitor and manage diabetes more effectively. The portability of the devices makes them quite easy to carry along.


The third range of products is the intelligent scales. They have integrated wireless technology. These scales apart from measuring body mass, have additional sensors and features to monitor and calculate body fat, water content, visceral fat level, muscular mass, bone mass, and daily calorie intake.

Fourth is the range of wearable fitness devices. They are in the form of a watch or wristbands. They monitor day-to-day activity, count the number of steps, the quality of sleep, motivate a person to move more, count the calories burnt. Another device in this range is a wirelessly enabled pulse oximeter.


The company iHealth has changed the way we use traditional devices to monitor vital signs, making it easier to log all the information automatically. Their solutions provide long-term, reliable information to the healthcare providers, as all data is easily shareable and is stored in the cloud. The company understands the needs of large healthcare organizations, and provides separate enterprise solutions. All the information gathered from these devices is fully integrated into the CondcutScience platform.


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