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New Study Discovers drug for treating Pancreatic, Ovarian Cancers.

Scientists have discovered a new anticancer drug; the pancreatic and ovarian cancer rarely show early symptoms and are known as silent killers. Other studies have shown that for tumor progression, the tumor microenvironment is needed. However, strategies which can be used to conquer the malignant phenotypes of cancer cells enacted by the microenvironment hasn’t

Acute Kidney Failure Can Be Detected Earlier with New Method–Study

A new study reveals that acute kidney failure can be detected earlier than the previous and currently used methods in patients. Drug-induced acute kidney injury (AKI) with high mortality and morbidity rate is badly diagnosed in health centers and in-efficiently assessed in drug inventions. Acute kidney failure usually is common among patients who need
Does Coloration of Animals Determine Sexual Signaling

Does Coloration of Animals Determine Sexual Signaling? A New Study Disagrees

New Study shows that different coloration of primates doesn’t indicate fertile phases, but individual characteristics and reproductive status. Previous studies of ornamentation in female primates have focused mostly on the fertility signaling function of the female anogenital male attraction and female to the female competition. The study aimed at determining if skin coloration changes actually signify the probability of conception