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A picture with milk chocolate

Milk Chocolate May Help with Weight Regulation

The title of this news article sounds like science fiction, but there is truth in the claim. Recent research suggests that chocolate is not just tasty. It also has a real impact on our metabolism. Especially if we eat it at the right time of day. What's this all about? Chocolate Research Most people think that eating chocolate every day

CSP: Dreams

The Conduct Science Podcast: Dreams 00:00 – Introduction 05:25 – News 10:00 – Facts 19:50 – What are dreams 25:00 – Why do we dream 41:27 – Daydreaming 1:02:15 – Ending and Outro You can listen to The Conduct Science Podcast by using the player above, searching for “The Conduct Science Podcast” on any place you listen to your podcasts,

method section by Conduct Science

The Method Section: Sleep

The Method Section: Sleep 00:00 - Intro 03:24 - Why do we sleep? 05:41 - What happens when we sleep? 10:14 - Sleep and the brain 14:14 - Sleep and the body 17:51 - Sleep deprivation 21:52 - How to get better sleep 23:52 - Ending and Outro You can