ConductScience Podcast: Regenerative Farming – Jennifer Maynard Interview


00:00 – Intro

01:20 – Background

05:30 – What is regenerative farming?

13:00 – Why should we care abuot diverse farming?

21:00 – Stress our plants!

22:45 – Ploughing is bad

24:45 – how are plants and humans connected

30:00 – are certain diets linked to longevity?

34:15 – Regenerative farming reduces healthcare costs

38:30 – What can we do?

45:00 – What can the everyday person do?

52:00 – Biodiversity loss is a bigger threat than climate change?

59:00 – Ending and outro

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Episode Description

This week on The Conduct Science Podcast, Tom and Mitch are joined by a leader in the world of regenerative farming, the founder of Greater Greens, and the CEO of Nutrition for Longevity. Jennifer has had an extensive 20-year career in the biotech and pharmaceutical space but switched over to regenerative farming! Together the three explore why exactly Jennifer made the career change and why proper farming practices, plants, humans, biodiversity, climate change, and fast food are all connected! Are certain diets linked to longevity? Why should we care about diverse farming? Should we care about how things are farmed? How does all of this impact YOU directly? And, what we can all do at home! Big announcement at the end so sticks around to find out how you can get 10% off.

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