CSP Revisit: Time

00:00 – Introduction

03:10 – Announcement

03:50 – News

15:15 – Facts

17:00 – Is OUR time slowing down?

27:25 – What is time?

33:30 – Relativity and spacetime

44:50 – Leap seconds

52:15 – Gravitational time dilation

1:05:00 – Ending and outro

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Episode Description

This week on The Conduct Science Podcast, join Mitch and Tom as they revisit: Time! They last delved into time over two years ago where they melted their brains, let’s see if they can hold it together this time. The boys open with an interesting debate that as the Earth’s rotation slows down, does our experience of time as well? They try and give a simple effort of defining time before Mitch takes us on a tour of relativity and spacetime. How does our movement affect how time can be experience and perceived? Tom takes a quick mental break to explain leap seconds and how they are introduced every few years without most of us ever hearing about it. Mitch then dives back into gravitational time dilation! Music: WhiteBatAudio.com

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