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10 Networking Tips To Kickstart Your Graduate Career

The best tips to make your job hunting process easy-peasy A simple meaning of networking is communication. It’s something that we do in our daily lives, with new and existing friends, as well as family members. However, when it comes to “professional networking” - we want to grow connections for job and career advancement purposes. To achieve this, there are

Are Data Scientists Leaving Jobs?

There has never been a more conducive environment for a data scientist career path than it is today. If anything, the stock of data science professionals is at its highest. You will not come across many fields that can match up to the prestige and viability of a successful data scientist. And if the inclinations of worldwide trends as well
academic career

Declining Interest in Academic Careers

When individuals begin their Ph.D. studies, the majority of them are hoping for a career in academics. But for some reason or another, many change their minds throughout the process. Why do so many students, at the completion of a Ph.D. and sometimes even their postdoctoral fellowship, decide that an academic career isn’t for them? Even when they started their
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The Impact of Social Media on Knowledge Dissemination

In this age of the internet, knowledge can be shared instantly and people are able to access information quicker and easier than ever before. Social Media is the most effective tool for sharing and marketing. Scientists and researchers need to use this tool to their advantage in order to promote their work and share information with the world. But to
social media and online portfolio

Using Social Media to Create an Online Academic Portfolio

The rise of the internet and subsequently, social media, has had many implications for society. The internet has changed the way academia works and how research is done. Social media specifically, has changed the way we interact and connect with people. It is important to understand exactly what social media is, so it is operationally defined as the compilation of