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Mastering the Microtome
Laboratory Techniques

The Cryostat-Microtome

A Glimpse into the History of a Cryostat A Cryostat is a versatile and high-quality machine that generates low temperatures for tissue sectioning. The word “Cryostat” originates from two separate Greek words “Kryos”, meaning cold, and “stat”, meaning stable. Sir James Dewar, Scottish Physicist, and Chemist are credited for the use of the very first cryostats in the 19th century.
Mastering the Microtome
Laboratory Techniques

Can You Divide a Strand of Hair? The Ultramicrotome

As an Amazon Associate, ConductScience Inc. earns revenue from qualifying purchases What is the Ultramicrotome? Microtomes are specifically designed devices for the cut of extremely thin sections from samples, for the study of their microscopic composition. Samples can be of biological origins, such as tissues, cells, and tumors, but are not limited to it. Plastics and soft metals can also