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June 25, 2019


Proteins in the mass range 1–100 kDa are commonly separated by Tricine–SDS-PAGE. For the resolution of proteins less than 30 kDa, it is the preferred electrophoretic system. As compared to other electrophoretic systems, the concentrations of acrylamide used in the gels are lower. Electroblotting is facilitated by these lower concentrations,…
Laboratory TechniquesProtocols
June 23, 2019

Western blotting Protocol

The Western blot is a biological technique that allows for specific identification and characterization of proteins. In this technique, the proteins are assorted based on their molecular weight, and type, through gel electrophoresis. The results of the electrophoresis are then transferred to a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane producing a band…
Laboratory TechniquesScience
April 26, 2019


Introduction Electromyography (EMG) is a specialized diagnostic technique used to study the muscle function by analyzing the electrical signals emanating from the nerves and the muscles. EMG can distinguish the abnormal or diseased muscle from the normal muscle. The electromyography can detect muscular abnormalities such as fasciculation or chronic denervation…
Safranin Staining By Conductscience
Laboratory TechniquesProtocolsScience
April 25, 2019

Safranin Staining

Introduction Safranin is a cationic dye used in histology and cytology to distinguish and identify different tissues and cells.  It is popular in medical research for staining acidic proteoglycan that is found in cartilage tissues, enabling the researchers to analyze cell chondrogenesis. The safranin is employed as a counter-stain in…
Laboratory TechniquesProtocolsScience
June 8, 2018

Animal Identification Techniques

Scientific investigations, preclinical research, and pharmacological studies use a number of laboratory animals as subjects. Therefore, proper animal identification becomes the necessity. Animal identification techniques not only help keep a record of the animals but also aids communication between the healthcare professionals and researchers. Furthermore, the identification systems help experimenters…

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