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    The Bowman-style rodent restrainer is a device used to hold and immobilize laboratory mice and rats during procedures such as injections, blood collection, and other experimental procedures. The restrainer typically consists of an acrylic or metal rod with a clip or clamp at one end, which is used to hold the animal’s head in place. The animal’s body is then gently held by the experimenter’s hand, allowing easy access to the rodent’s tail or other areas of the body.

    Rodents can be placed by removing the upper rods and replacing them after insertion. Alternatively, they can be placed through an access porthole in the rear. The front door can be adjusted and locked into three possible positions. This door has stainless steel “spring loaded” lock. Suction cup feet on the white plastic base secure the device during use.

    ConductScience offers the Bowman-style restrainer.


Tools to Conduct Science

Bowman Restrainer
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