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July 2, 2019


A Complete Guide of How to Apply For NIH Grant

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awards the grants through 24 grant-awarding institutes and centers for biomedical and public health research. Early-career academic scientists are most likely to be interested in research project grants, fellowships, and career development awards. As a young scientist doing research directly related to human health, you need to know your way around the NIH grants and funding programs

Global Trends in Health Funding

What Is Global Health Funding? ‘Global Health Funding’ is a process of financing worldwide healthcare systems. Many countries and health organizations work in collaboration (as donors, managers & distributing bodies) to accomplish the task. Schematic Representation of the Global Health Financing LandscapeGlobal Health Funds Statistics The Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the

Exploring Grant Funding Opportunities

The past two decades have seen a dramatic surge in global health funding. Biomedical and health research is now touted one of the most funded fields in the world - the research and development (R&D) cost has seen a hike from $5.6 billion (1998) to a whopping $27.7 billion (2011). (The Lancet, 2009) Medical research is time-consuming and costly. It
Science behind Global Warming

The Science behind Global Warming

What Is Global Warming? Global warming is an alarming phenomenon which is characterized by a drastic increase in the average global temperature in the Earth’s atmosphere. Studies show that since 1950, the average Earth’s temperature has risen at the fastest rate in recorded history. The current temperature rise of approximately 1°C is detrimental and encompasses extreme weather events, rising sea

Grants to Look Forward in 2019-2020

When it comes to health grants, there are as many as one can imagine. Every institute in the world regardless of its affiliations with major health funding institute is always welcoming medical researchers and professionals to apply their medical findings and intelligence into practice. Some of the major institutes that allow all kinds of medical research to be funded fall
Gun Violence and Gun Control

Gun Violence and Gun Control: When Research Shoots Down Myths

Gun Control and Human Rights: Introduction Gun violence, defined as a crime committed with the use of firearms, threatens human rights across the globe. From pistols to machine guns, gun violence affects thousands of people and accounts for more than 500 deaths and 2,000 firearm-related injuries every day. Note that even the presence of arms is enough to cause long-term
Global Data on Human Trafficking

Global Data on Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking: Modern Slavery Exists The right to liberty is one of the essential human rights. Evidence, however, shows that slavery didn't end with the Slavery Abolition Act in the 19th century. Modern slavery or human trafficking is a global problem affecting millions of people and societies across the world. In fact, data shows there are twice as many trafficked

Making a First Impression with Grant Proposal

The first impression sets a tone, giving a brief but a vivid idea of your attitude and dedication towards a cause. Needless to say, everyone in the professional and academic field strives their best to make their first impression the best one. When it comes to proposals, making the first impression is perhaps the most fundamental and important part of

NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs) – Who Does What

The National Institute of Health (NIH) is one of the oldest and the most prestigious health funding organizations in the U.S. Its objective is to bring betterment in human life through medical discoveries, quality healthcare services, and disease cure. It is a beacon of hope for millions of people battling health compilations and looking for a reliable cure as well