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How a Career in Life Sciences Is Lucrative and Rewarding?

In its entirety, life sciences are a vast field of study that encompasses the examination of every living organism on earth. This includes the tiniest of particles, from bacteria to giant whales and everything in between. Life sciences aim to learn about life on this planet. If you wonder whether plants are included, then yes, they are; plants, animals, viruses,

Halloween Special: Is There Any Scientific Evidence for the Paranormal?

With Halloween 2020 fast approaching, people might be preparing to share their favorite ghost stories once again. Sometimes, these things are just hearsay spread for fun. However, some people claim to have seen ghosts, or that their house is haunted. Can there possibly be any truth to these tales? Of course, ghosts are only one dimension of what could be

Pre-market Approval for Medical Devices

Pre-market Approval for Medical Devices: Introduction US is the largest market for medical devices, worth approximately $156 billion (as of 2017), and is expected to reach $208 billion by 2023. Given these numbers, it’s no surprise that high-risk medical devices must undergo strict regulatory and approval processes. One of them is the pre-market approval (PMA) for medical devices. The pre-market