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Dejan Matlak

Memory Loss
December 4, 2019

Exercise Intervention Helps Slow Down Memory Loss

Mild cognitive impairment or cognitive impairment without dementia (CIND) is a health condition elderly people suffer from. The condition causes memory loss and in extreme cases, it can progress to Alzheimer’s disease. A new study shows that exercise may help elevate symptoms of the condition. About the Research Researchers working…
environmental enrichment
December 1, 2019

Environmental Enrichment May Correct Errors in Brain Development

New research on mice may help in the treatment of neurodevelopment disorders. The research findings show that environmental enrichment in early childhood plays a crucial role in cognitive development. About the Research The findings, from the research about environmental enrichment and brain function, are available through the journal eNeuro. The…
November 30, 2019

Scientists Record the Assembly of Ribosome in Real-Time

Scientists develop a new method for monitoring ribosome formation in real-time. The new perspective is changing our understanding of cell biology and inner-cellular processes. About the Research The new research about ribosome formation is a collaborative effort between scientists from Sandford University and Scripps Research. The findings are available through…
November 23, 2019

Cannabis Use is Not a Good Method for Fighting Opioid Addiction

A new study shows that cannabis use does not reduce the use of opioids by addicts. About the Research The new research on cannabis comes from McMaster University in Canada. The research findings are available through the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Cannabis use and Opioid Addiction Opioid addiction is a…
November 21, 2019

New Insight about Fertilization May Improve Fertility in the Future

Research on fertilization reveals new insight into the chemical interaction between the egg and the sperm. Scientists working on the project speculate that this new finding may improve the process of in-vitro fertilization. About the Research The new insight about fertilization comes from the University of Virginia, School of Medicine.…
November 17, 2019

New Method for Psychosis Detection

Researchers develop a new method for predicting the onset of psychosis in patients with schizophrenia. About the Research The research team working on psychosis research comes from the University of North Carolina. The research findings from this study are available through the American Journal of Psychiatry. Psychosis Detection in Patients…
November 5, 2019

New Study Shows Aspirin May Reduce Intracranial Aneurysm Growth

New research shows that aspirin intake inhibits the growth of brain aneurysms and by doing so prevents their rupture. The Aneurism In essence, an aneurysm is an irregular bulge or balloon that appears on the blood vessel. They can emerge all through the body for various reasons. An intracranial aneurysm…
carbon dioxide filter
November 3, 2019

MIT Scientists Develop a New Carbon Dioxide Filter

MIT engineers made a new battery for carbon dioxide filtering. Their new filter is innovative because it can filter air with a low concentration of carbon dioxide. The new method may transform the extent of carbon emissions on the micro and macro level. The Development of the Carbon Dioxide Filter…