Laboratory Techniques


Introduction and Principle Proteins in the mass range 1–100 kDa are commonly separated by Tricine–SDS-PAGE. For the resolution of proteins less than 30 kDa, it is

Laboratory Techniques

Western blotting Protocol

Introduction The Western blot is a biological technique that allows for the specific identification and characterization of proteins. In this technique, the proteins are assorted based

Safranin Staining By Conductscience
Laboratory Techniques

Safranin Staining

Need stains for your experiments? Click here Introduction Safranin is a cationic dye used in histology and cytology to distinguish and identify different tissues and cells. 

Laboratory Techniques

Animal Identification Techniques

Scientific investigations, preclinical research, and pharmacological studies use a number of laboratory animals as subjects. Therefore, proper animal identification becomes a necessity. Animal identification techniques not

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