Feline / Canine Masks



These masks provide a convenient way of artificial ventilation or administration of anesthetic gases to Feline or Canine patients and feature high-quality plastic cone for full visualization and highly flexible, replaceable rubber diaphragm for a leak-free fit. One end with standard 15mm (3/5 in) connector fits all breathing circuits, while the other end has a soft flexible rubber diaphragm that molds itself to the contours of patient’s snout. Two sizes are available.

Six sizes (four strings are included in the larger four masks) and one set of 6pcs (one packing cases is included) are available.


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Large, Medium, Small


Canine, Feline

Size Chart

SKU Product Description Qty
RWD-68637 Small Feline Mask, 44mm(OD)*22mm(ID)*24mm(Depth) Pcs
RWD-68638 Medium Feline Mask, 57mm(OD)*30mm(ID)*29mm(Depth) Pcs
RWD-68639 Large Feline Mask, 60mm(OD)*33mm(ID)*35mm(Depth) Pcs
RWD-68640 Small Canine Mask, 87mm(OD)*30mm(ID)*73mm(Depth) Pcs
RWD-68641 Medium Canine Mask, 110mm(OD)*42mm(ID)*97mm(Depth) Pcs
RWD-68642 Large Canine Mask, 130mm(OD)*54mm(ID)*121mm(Depth) Pcs