Multi-Functional NMR System for Food, Agriculture and Life Sciences

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The Multi-Functional NMR System uses NMR technology to analyze and image samples in various fields, including food, agriculture, and life sciences.

This highly versatile device is designed to deliver accurate and precise results with ease. The Multi-Functional NMR System is built with an industrial design, analysis, and imaging capabilities, making it an all-in-one solution for your research needs.

ConductScience offers the Multi-Functional NMR System.


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Basic Parameters:

Magnet:Permanent magnet 0.5±0.08T
Probe: Ø15mm
Effective sample detection area: Ø12.5mm×H30mm
Size (L, W, H): 560mm×650mm×1145mm
Weight: 185Kg

Determination of oil/moisture contentYes
Optional 3D imaging and MRI reconstruction functionYes
Determination of solid fat contentYes
Relaxation analysis of T2*, T2, and T1Yes
Proton density imaging, T2 weighted imaging, T1 weighted imagingYes
Analysis of water spatial distributionYes
Analysis of contrast agent relaxation rateYes

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Niumag Suzhou

Product Application

Food & Agriculture Research, Life Sciences, Production and Quality Control

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