Complete Active Anesthesia System: Bowl Mask


The system aims to provide one complete solution to both initial and lasting anesthesia of small rodents for the majority of procedures such as development of animal disease models

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Comes with the following items, the key difference with this system is the active scavenging system as well as the surgical platform inclusion,


SKU Product Description QTY
RWD-R510-29 Gas Supply: Anesthesia Air Pump 110V (4L Flowmeter) 1
RWD-R550IP Anesthesia Machine 1
RWD-V100 Induction Chamber – Mouse or Rat 1
RWD-68680 Cone mask with tubing for 1 animal (Your choice) 1
RWD-68620 Small Animal Operating Platform 1
RWD-R510-31-6 Gas Canister Filter 6
RWD-R546W Gas Evacuation Apparatus with Weight Monitoring, 110-240V 1