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Sociability Chamber



This 3 chambered device is a fantastic contraption for researchers studying socialization who require an apparatus in which variables may be altered to change the premises of the experiment. The design permits socialization but disallows aggravated socialization so that auspicious and accurate data may be collected. Measurable factors include transitions between chambers, time spent in direct contact, and unique behavioral variables such as jumping and grooming. Accoutrements for this product include floor cues, stainless-steel grids or perforated stainless-steel, to forge an aversive stimulus, and removable doors to establish biased and unbiased conditioned place preference testing.


  • The Three-Chamber Sociability apparatus is a novel apparatus developed for studying social deficits as seen in neuropsychiatric disorders and neurodevelopment disorders.
  • The apparatus is divided into three chambers using dividers that have sliding doors.
  • Social deficits are observed in the apparatus by allowing the test subject to choose between chambers containing a novel live stimulus vs. empty chamber and familiar live stimulus vs. unfamiliar live stimulus in the choice chambers.
  • Photoelectric sensor beams in an automated Three-Chamber Sociability apparatus allow tracking entries and exits to and from the chambers.
  • The acrylic cage used to hold the live stimulus allows for sensory interactions while limiting aggressive behaviors.
  • The Three-Chamber Sociability test can be coupled with other tests such as Partition tests, Resident-Intruder tests, Reciprocal Interactions test, etc. to understand the social behavior of the test subject further.
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Mouse, Rat


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Sociability Chamber

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