Animal Holder – Tubular Type


Tubular type holder is used to restricting the animal from turning or moving, by the fixation on rear-end and flexibly regulated. To reduce injury caused by animal movements. The unique design of the tapered nose fixator provides easy access for animals, meanwhile making animals feel safe. In addition, a vent located on the nose fixator makes the animal breathe easier. The tail is able to stretch, helping the animal to stay still for over 1 hour.



Conscious animal non-invasive blood pressure measurements, tail blood sampling, intravenous infusion, tail root subcutaneous or intracutaneous injection, tail tenderness, animal behavior observation, etc


Extra Large (above 500g), Large (300-500g), Large (50-75g M), Medium (200-300g), Medium (25-50g M), Small (75-200g), Small (up to 25g M)


Mouse, Rat




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